Why won’t I accept Love?

I’ve talked about Love here before. It (some times more than others) is all for us. I really committed myself to focus on Love in everything I do, when I am with people, animals, strangers or alone, Love is god.

But when someone tries to love me, I find I shut them out. Is this because I grew up lacking the typical ‘motherly’ love children need? Or am I just unable to accept what is the most important resource the world has ever known? I can give it out when I want; but why the constant need to reject it from the people closest to me? They want to love me; they need to sometimes.

Love is not a one-way street.. it is an endless ocean, you can either swim or you stay on the shore, but don’t try and just float there when it’s convenient.


Time to start up again… for the first time.

Hello faithful reader(s),

After a rough summer, things are looking up. Somethings are looking down of course, but either way I need to write what I’m feeling, to help me work through my stuff and maybe even help or get help from someone out in the world. I’m going to work on daily posts again, ranging from haiku’s to longs stories, short stories to dirty jokes. Anything goes.

Until tomorrow,

Richard Awesome

PS. This mess is my life’s work. You’re welcome.