why, hello friday.

we meet again. i guess you expect me to work? but i’m tired.


when you are not here,
i cannot stop craving you.
when you are, i spite.

more motivation?

well my blog experiment seems to be evolving into a personal motivation site. i am ok with that of course, as i can use all the motivation i can get to accomplish my goals and leave my mark on this world. daily goals, weekly goals and yearly goals… short term and long. this, for today, seems to be my best answer to the question of how do i put my all into every day. i want to be creative, but i also have committments i need to honor. boiling things to their essence while staying active. this is my struggle. what is yours?



i have been a very avid goal-writer since 2007. these goals are all over the map, but the help me keep my focus on what is important for me in the long term. when in doubt, shout them out? boiling everything down to it’s essence is so much easier said then done. how can i get there?

way overdid it

well i had a plan to overdo somethings as to get them out of my system. ouch.


TGIF. i’m physically and mentally tired. October is a busy month, and half way through i’m starting to feel it. hopefully some R&R this weekend will help me get over this cold and lack of energy.


to my love, my wife Leah:

in the end we have,
what we have always wanted;
each other in love

gloomy day

outside the sky’s dark,
inside i sit in false light.
where has my sun gone?

the other shoe

i’m filling in for my boss (and dad) this week while he is out of town. it is good to get a look into what his day is really like. for the record, it’s busy. but experiencing first hand will hopefully help me to figure out better ways to help streamline his day and take some work off of his plate. he’s done everything for me, now it’s my turn to take the load.

you didn’t have to love me

you didn’t have to love me,

like you did,

like you did,

but you did… and I thank you.

-sam & dave