I shot out of bed today, with no substances in my body that try to keep me there. The truth is it is beautiful, but I cannot imagine it will last.

the kingdom of heaven is within

kingdom of heaven
is within our own minds.
look inward for peace.

move forward

Change is life and it moves forward with or without your input. Instead of being depressed about what isn’t happening now, I try to think what could happen next.

I met some really special people today; brothers with handicaps, working together. The ride home I kept thinking how some things seem bigger than they are.

Love endlessly and live effortlessly.


24 Hours

24 hours,
but each day is different.
Time moves endlessly.

insulate from stress

there are healthy ways and not so healthy ways to insulate yourself from outside pressures, fear and stress. exercise, drugs, alcohol. permanent damage can be done for short term gains, be careful. i cannot promise everything will be ok soon. but it will in the end. what are you priorities?

the world will end with love.

economic fear

economic fear;
the rich cling to their dollars,
the poor to their God.

being in control

business workshop – a million great ideas, now where do i start? do not get overwhelmed when opportunities present themselves. that is what hard work is meant to yield. you want to be in the driver’s seat of your life, not just being along for the ride. keep putting out love.

this new day

this new day is bright;
but opportunity won’t
find itself for me.

never far

whether i am here,
or even worse i am there;
we are never far apart
because i am always in your heart.

continue your journey

when you lose faith
when you lose patience
when you lose all hope
there is your salvation

when you see the light
when you continue to fight
when you feel nothing can stop you
don’t forget the hard times

pride fell greater men and women