2013 Bliss List

It is time to put together our 2013 Bliss List readers. I will post mine when it’s finished. Remember, there is only 1 rule: items must be 1 word only.

Mine will start and end here:


I’d encourage the same for you. Bliss flows from Love.


My thoughts and Love to the victims in Newton, CT today and always.

Tragedy is Pain.
Pain is Truth.
Truth is God.
God is Love.

New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a fan of the “New Year’s Resolution” so many people talk about. I’m truly glad for people that make the change in their life and stick to it. I just cannot help but feel that if you want to truly change, you start right now. Waiting is just another excuse not to pursue your happiness. Don’t lie to yourself. Are you scared? That is OK. Fear can sometimes be a great teacher.

When it’s time to change, write your goals, make a plan. Even better for me has been the Bliss List. Feel and trust the power of Love, even when you can’t go on… especially when you can’t go on.

Naming a time in the future will work for some of you – but why wait? January 1st is just a date. True change must not wait; you don’t have enough life to waste.


I give up. Now what?

I find myself wanting to give up on my dreams and priorities constantly. What keeps me going forward?

Every time I decide I’m through, I say to myself, “Ok, I quit. Now what will I do?”

Then I start right back what I was doing. This is my life. Usually for better, sometimes for worse, I must follow Love. It will never be easy; challenges are how you get better and grow. Never stop challenging yourself.