does everyone struggle with greatness? the hero’s journey isn’t easy. it can’t be; nothing worth having is easy. but when i am down in the dumps, it seems to stem from me not having enough… enough recognition, praise. now i know these things don’t matter, but i still go through spurts where they do. is that just being human? i don’t consider myself an artist, but i like to create. i like to play music, write and read. the question is how do i do enough without burning myself out, but also without not giving it my all. some days i create nothing and it’s perfect, and some days i create all day and it’s not enough. now that is not the norm, but it happens. i guess that is irrational. at least it seems to be written down. fame and fortune mean nothing, but changing lives with art is where i struggle. how do i get there? luck and persistence i guess. oh yea, and patience.


every man’s battle

today i saw this
on a sign coming to town.
am i not alone?

where do i go from here?

i’ve written haiku’s and a few short stories, but now I’m curious where my next creative turn will go. the emptiness i feel is a good thing; a god thing. i feel at one with the universe. if i don’t write again will i be happy? will something come along to inspire me? the waiting is the hardest part.

closer to the one

i shook hands with god,
just the other night. and now
purity flows through.

new person?

am i a new person, or just the same one? constant evolution.


what choice do i have?
anxiety will not stop,
whether yes or no.


today i fear something that should be fun. if i’m scared, i don’t have to do it. but why the fear? i’ve done it before. anxiety rules me, and only seems to get worse. should i dive in? or should i just avoid it?

Happy Thanksgiving!

together at last,
the meal and jokes go too fast.
can’t wait for next year.


life is more than just a list of things to do.


every week is a new challenge. stay to the middle and you will get there quickest. the only problem is the scenery on the sides is beautiful. how can i take it in while still walking ahead?