bad week.. how to rebound?

well after a great stretch of hard work and accomplishing things, i had a clunker of a week. living in the present should be my salvation, but it is tough when i know there is so much i’ve committed to doing and i’m not much closer to delivering. i need to not overcommit, but i also get restless when i undercommit. again, the middle path is the easiest, yet i find ways to go the long, hard way. trust the way, find your Buddha-nature. next is holding on.. the hard part.

language of the gods

what is it about music that makes everyone stop and listen? i love watching small children stop and dance. they can’t control themselves. it truly is the language of the gods.

cleaning the mirror

the mirror of my illumination is foggy. i am having trouble keeping it clean. how do i escape the circle of human life and remain in the real center? just when i think i am in the clear, i let my guard down and my ego creeps in. every hero has trials, but they seem easier read than done.

tuesday snoozeday

I want rid of mind,
so I can swim in the bliss.
How long ’til I’m free?

monday funday

little sleep, lottle booze. here we go again from the top.

second coming?

my father is a jewish carpenter. literally. does that mean i’m the second coming?

fried hay

let’s do this! i’ve gotten myself wrapped up in big projects. i can either back down or do one thing at a time. what will i choose… stay tuned!