i had a wonderful day yesterday. i put my trials and tribulations aside and just took care of the things i could control. such a beautiful thing. now how do i follow it up? today is the last work day of 2011.. my best year yet. why not finish it strong? sow some seeds to start 2012 with a bang. the to-do list is short, and manageable. 1 thing at a time. find my space and the universe will flow through.




love and happiness,
family, laughing and bliss;
everyday’s kiss.

2012 goals

since 2007, i have written yearly goals for myself. they have helped me focus on what is truly important, and each year has been better than the last. now as i head into 2012 with an uncertain working future, i am in need of priorities more than ever. but i’ve been reading more and more of those who in the past set goals and have since moved on from it. they say it is like a burden gone from them, it allows what they truly want to do to flow from them and they put themselves into what they love without the pressure of achieving. i have considered a priorities list vs actual goals, to remind myself what is really important to me without a specific destination set in writing. my goals have been evolving this way anyway, but it is still a scary step. any thoughts on this? i feel like at least giving it a try; i can always set down goals. that is probably what i will do, but the lack of a clear end result triggers my ‘trip anxiety’. i want to live in this moment. now this one, now this one…

will i?

difficulty all around
will i persevere?

make it happen

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson


sweet and delicious
you have never let me down
even when sour.


i am pushing and pulling to get some momentum. one step, one accomplishment. whatever it is, it feels good. follow that, chase it.

put yourself into it

as i learn to open
myself to the universe
my worries dissolve.


the holiday’s have come and gone. i am proud that i did well to focus on my time with family and friends, and not worry excessively about my career and financial future. today i am back to reality. but i can’t rush anything; consistent effort, one step at a time. can i stay focused and clear? that is my challenge. peeling away layers and living simple. you can have your fun when you earn it.

work, plus a project a week. the rest is icing on the cake. don’t let your mind try to rush your life. if you don’t enjoy the journey, you’ll never reach the peak; you’ll give up well before you even see the summit. music and art are a lifelong pursuit. here is now.

can i make it happen?

the grief and worry
consumes my brain and being.
a few breaths, all clear.