You are only as good as your influences.


How can I take care of you
If I cannot take care of myself?

who am i?

Have I changed so much since Spring? No desire to improve. Wasting my precious moments. Change? Stop?

Love goes away?

Love goes away?
Emptiness IS Love.
Whether you feel it or not.


Reflecting my negativity outward
is a fault to which i confess.

So is it all together absurd
to want out of this mess?


I awake in a perpetual haze.
A heartless blaze,
A cacophony of days…

When will I learn?

Mistakenly I

Took my life into my hands.

Shaken, not dropped.

Language of the Gods

Words dissolve away
And end the plague
That has kept us from our gods.

Music will play
And lies give way
To Truth as the Cause.

Constantly challenged, contstantly evolving.

The only way to grow is to challenge yourself. Sometimes though the only way to challenge yourself is rest. Patience is constantly a struggle for me. I want my rewards now, instant.

Practice is patience. Challenge is Love.

What is success?

I want to be the greatest artist the world has ever known. But what if the world doesn’t know me? How do I forever shed the need for outside approval? I do what I Love… but if I can’t sustain a living… does that mean I am no good? Or not understood?

I want truth, beauty, NOW.