Some days start so well. But by lunch I haven’t really done much and I’ve just wasted time. If I don’t focus on the negative so much that should help. Sometimes you will be tired, sometimes it will be your fault; your dreams still need realized. You have exactly enough time to live your life, DO NOT fret. Leave only what you are not afraid of dying having left undone.

Never stop: Singing, Creating, Playing, Smiling, Loving.


We May Disagree

We may disagree.
But forever inside me,
My heart’s warmed by thee.

being the underdog

Being the underdog is easy. There’s no pressure. But when you are expected to succeed, the mind and ego can begin to play tricks on you. How do you stay focused and relaxed?

Repeat after me.

::Breathing deeply throughout::

Patience. Simplicity. Compassion.
Patience. Simplicity. Compassion.
Patience. Simplicity. Compassion.

Still breathing?

Focus is Love in its purest form.

don’t be jealous of your friends

I have the problem of being jealous sometimes. It even seems worse with my friends successes. It’s horrible to type this, but this is something I need to address.

At first glance it seems to stem from my Love and desire to do everything… I hate missing things. But it has to stem from something deeper than that. I guess I hate not having what I deem “success” (a definition I never clearly defined – maybe that’s the problem?) in what I work hardest for, so when someone else has a positive experience, I reflect it as a failure of myself not to be celebrating something positive too.

The lesson? Friends are me too. We share Love and life, for better or worse. They support me; I support them. I need to let these thoughts come and go without allowing them to lose focus on what I am working towards. Success is internal, not obtained from some outside source or organization. Where there is happiness and Love, focus is success.

Music is Sport, Sport is Music

Some say cut music but keep sport.
The day is long,
But the life is short.

Why not promote happiness?
Better yet,
Encourage it.

The same skills are learned,
Teamwork and dedication;
When to take your turn.

There is just less competition.
But must we teach children
That only the strong survive?
I know the happy thrive.

So realize this;
Whether Home Runs,
Bach or Liszt,
Life does not end when the final bell hits.

2013 Priorities

This year I decided to focus my energy on Priorities instead of Goals. I called it my Bliss List.

For 2013 I think I’m going to make it even more simple:


Blissful Tide

When I die, cremate me.
Let no one see what isn’t free.

Look inside. I’ll reside
In the blissful tide,
Patiently waiting for you
To dive in too.