Your dreams are my dreams.
Your pain is my pain.
No matter how hopeless is seems,
You will smile again.

We May Disagree

We may disagree.
But forever inside me,
My heart’s warmed by thee.

Blissful Tide

When I die, cremate me.
Let no one see what isn’t free.

Look inside. I’ll reside
In the blissful tide,
Patiently waiting for you
To dive in too.

I Love You

Love as pure as ours
has not been seen on this earth
and may not again.

tuesday haiku

When I asked for that,
my world crumbled and shaking,
you held me steady.

never far

whether i am here,
or even worse i am there;
we are never far apart
because i am always in your heart.

to my friends & family

friends & family,
if i haven’t said it yet;
thank you, i love you.