“You Become A Picture” Out Now!

My first book, “You Become A Picture”, is now available via Blurb.com. Thank you for reading and sharing.


when the dream is not enough

when the dream is not
enough, everything else
is completely dark

When will I learn?

Mistakenly I

Took my life into my hands.

Shaken, not dropped.

We May Disagree

We may disagree.
But forever inside me,
My heart’s warmed by thee.

I Love You

Love as pure as ours
has not been seen on this earth
and may not again.

tuesday haiku

When I asked for that,
my world crumbled and shaking,
you held me steady.


hazy and fuzzy,
like the bass from black sabbath.
only in my head.

pleasure in this moment

Right here and right now,
I forgot the pleasure of
iving this moment.

the kingdom of heaven is within

kingdom of heaven
is within our own minds.
look inward for peace.

24 Hours

24 hours,
but each day is different.
Time moves endlessly.