time dissolves

ever since we’ve gotten our cat, time has seemed to dissolve away for me. i’m letting go of staring at the clock, pressure myself to do something else. she has helped me in ways i could never explain to her (she’s a cat of course!) but i feel great. i like having company during the day, i like not crushing myself with a list of things to do. 1 project per week is plenty. that is 52 per year. and i can put my whole being into them. if i pick up the guitar, or sit at the piano, i do it because i want to, because making music is beautiful. not good, not bad – sound is beautiful. when i write, i do it because i have something to say. not because i have to. because i want to. what else can i strip away? less is more. less clutter, more light. i continue to open myself to the possibilities of the universe. i close off sometimes, but everyone does. i spent so much time in my life telling myself i was different, but the more open i get the more i realize we are all the same. we are all equally human. we are not entitled to anything on earth, but if we fight and focus, if we work hard we can make happiness for ourselves. what makes you happy?


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