You become a picture.



I don’t believe in last goodbye’s. I’ve come to terms with the loss inside. And today, as I smile and laugh – it’s not that I am not sad. I’ve just accepted ALL that life has to offer.

“Bliss List”: One Word

Bliss boils down to one word. Adjectives are great for stories, but they are meaningless in the pursuit of happiness. When creating your “Bliss List” you must evaluate what is really important to you – now and in the future – by first listing, then stripping down, your deepest priorities to the bare bones of what they are.

Do you like to run? “Run”.

“God”. “Love”. Spouse, children, family. We aren’t worried about being a ‘good’ parent; if one thing is good, something must be bad. If these are our most prized salvations, we need to connect to the essence of them exclusively. If it does not mean anything at one word, it does not belong on your “Bliss List”. Parenting alone may not be what is important, it’s your child or children; list their names. When you strip away the adjectives, you see that you’ve been approaching your priority from an outside perspective. Step inside your Love and it will radiate throughout the universe because you and it are one.



Your dreams are my dreams.
Your pain is my pain.
No matter how hopeless is seems,
You will smile again.

His Throne

A day spent alone
Is a day upon His throne.

New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a fan of the “New Year’s Resolution” so many people talk about. I’m truly glad for people that make the change in their life and stick to it. I just cannot help but feel that if you want to truly change, you start right now. Waiting is just another excuse not to pursue your happiness. Don’t lie to yourself. Are you scared? That is OK. Fear can sometimes be a great teacher.

When it’s time to change, write your goals, make a plan. Even better for me has been the Bliss List. Feel and trust the power of Love, even when you can’t go on… especially when you can’t go on.

Naming a time in the future will work for some of you – but why wait? January 1st is just a date. True change must not wait; you don’t have enough life to waste.

don’t be jealous of your friends

I have the problem of being jealous sometimes. It even seems worse with my friends successes. It’s horrible to type this, but this is something I need to address.

At first glance it seems to stem from my Love and desire to do everything… I hate missing things. But it has to stem from something deeper than that. I guess I hate not having what I deem “success” (a definition I never clearly defined – maybe that’s the problem?) in what I work hardest for, so when someone else has a positive experience, I reflect it as a failure of myself not to be celebrating something positive too.

The lesson? Friends are me too. We share Love and life, for better or worse. They support me; I support them. I need to let these thoughts come and go without allowing them to lose focus on what I am working towards. Success is internal, not obtained from some outside source or organization. Where there is happiness and Love, focus is success.

I can’t go back.

I’ve spent 2 years working from home for a small, family company. I spent the 4 years before that in a large company, low pay and no real advancement opportunity. Now I need to generate a steady income. I can’t go back to the “real” world and “work for a living”. Other people have supported themselves, why can’t I? Fear. Weed. Trust what is inside of you. Try to really make it on your own. You CAN do it. Why not think that? Learn learn learn. “You rise to the height of your deepest admirations”. Control this moment and let go. Even relaxing allows you to move closer to the 1. Everything in moderation. You are filling your time with what you love, NEVER FORGET THAT.

What is it about music?

Music has only been such spiritual thing for me. The pure connection I feel pulls me out of the dumps and it’s what I’m flying on when I’ve never been better.

No matter what is going on it gives me strength. I’ve heard it called the language of the gods and I believe that. If love is what we seek, music is the purest way to express it.

I’m clinging to it right now hoping to get through this pressure.

be you

Sometimes you have to take one step back to take two forward. Sometimes you need to take a day off to get better. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You will not be the greatest in the world… so what? Focus on being you. That is your gift – uniqueness.