Zen and the Art of part-time Landscaping

Well, hello again. I have begun landscaping to supplement my income 2 days per week. This is not an easy pill to swallow after 2 years of doing what I really believe in. But I need to make myself not go insane, so I’ve decided to stop and take five deep breaths (counting 1 on the in, 2 on the out, 3 in, 4 out, etc etc to 10) every time I begin to lose it. While doing so I begin to listen to the birds chirping, I begin to watch the spiders crawl around in the dirt. I’m hot, I’m sweaty, I’m tired. But I am not unaware of how beautiful working outside on those perfect days really is. True life is blue skies, green plants and brown dirt. It’s working until you can’t work anymore. Taking a short break then working again. Humbleness never hurt my back this bad before, but I’m grateful for it.


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