This has all happened before.

I see your face again
For the first time.
Your smile, this laugh
Are familiar.

Love shows me I am on the correct path
With glimpses of moments
Where I step forward.

Looking within;
Dejå view.

My Bliss

As I mentioned recently, here is my 2013 Bliss List.

Leah (my wife)
June Bug (our cat)
MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC (my business)
The Slackwater News (my band)

What is yours?


New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a fan of the “New Year’s Resolution” so many people talk about. I’m truly glad for people that make the change in their life and stick to it. I just cannot help but feel that if you want to truly change, you start right now. Waiting is just another excuse not to pursue your happiness. Don’t lie to yourself. Are you scared? That is OK. Fear can sometimes be a great teacher.

When it’s time to change, write your goals, make a plan. Even better for me has been the Bliss List. Feel and trust the power of Love, even when you can’t go on… especially when you can’t go on.

Naming a time in the future will work for some of you – but why wait? January 1st is just a date. True change must not wait; you don’t have enough life to waste.

I give up. Now what?

I find myself wanting to give up on my dreams and priorities constantly. What keeps me going forward?

Every time I decide I’m through, I say to myself, “Ok, I quit. Now what will I do?”

Then I start right back what I was doing. This is my life. Usually for better, sometimes for worse, I must follow Love. It will never be easy; challenges are how you get better and grow. Never stop challenging yourself.

Repeat after me.

::Breathing deeply throughout::

Patience. Simplicity. Compassion.
Patience. Simplicity. Compassion.
Patience. Simplicity. Compassion.

Still breathing?

Focus is Love in its purest form.

2013 Priorities

This year I decided to focus my energy on Priorities instead of Goals. I called it my Bliss List.

For 2013 I think I’m going to make it even more simple:


Zen and the Art of part-time Landscaping

Well, hello again. I have begun landscaping to supplement my income 2 days per week. This is not an easy pill to swallow after 2 years of doing what I really believe in. But I need to make myself not go insane, so I’ve decided to stop and take five deep breaths (counting 1 on the in, 2 on the out, 3 in, 4 out, etc etc to 10) every time I begin to lose it. While doing so I begin to listen to the birds chirping, I begin to watch the spiders crawl around in the dirt. I’m hot, I’m sweaty, I’m tired. But I am not unaware of how beautiful working outside on those perfect days really is. True life is blue skies, green plants and brown dirt. It’s working until you can’t work anymore. Taking a short break then working again. Humbleness never hurt my back this bad before, but I’m grateful for it.

If you could only crack the ego.

The more I read on subjects of self-help and the like, I notice the themes are very much just Zen Buddhism channeled into a Western mindset. Not that they all work, but some really do. But it makes me think of going to the original source of everything. When I work, when I create, with each breath in and each breath out I should acknowledge this source. It’s the journey that counts. It’s the journey that matters. The next big wave will be cracking the ego. How do you spell that in English?

Nirvana is just breath away.

After a few weeks off I got a yoga practice in today. The clarity, the truth, the comes from a session cannot be described. And sadly it cannot be bottled. But through the rigorous workout, we focus on our breath only. The present moment is the only one that matters. What are you doing? Are you here. Take 5 minutes, close your eyes and breathe; notice your thoughts, but let them pass. Concentrate on your breath only. Connect with the One inside of you. Nirvana is just deep breath away.

the kingdom of heaven is within

kingdom of heaven
is within our own minds.
look inward for peace.