“Bliss List”: One Word

Bliss boils down to one word. Adjectives are great for stories, but they are meaningless in the pursuit of happiness. When creating your “Bliss List” you must evaluate what is really important to you – now and in the future – by first listing, then stripping down, your deepest priorities to the bare bones of what they are.

Do you like to run? “Run”.

“God”. “Love”. Spouse, children, family. We aren’t worried about being a ‘good’ parent; if one thing is good, something must be bad. If these are our most prized salvations, we need to connect to the essence of them exclusively. If it does not mean anything at one word, it does not belong on your “Bliss List”. Parenting alone may not be what is important, it’s your child or children; list their names. When you strip away the adjectives, you see that you’ve been approaching your priority from an outside perspective. Step inside your Love and it will radiate throughout the universe because you and it are one.


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