another week

here i go again, on my own.

the way

I have spent a lot of time in the past year discovering my place in this world. I grew up without much religious push from my family, which allowed me to have an open mind when reading about the world and the history of beliefs. The ‘Tao te Ching’ has really struck a chord with me. I believe the kingdom of heaven is within, and by eliminating my mind and ego, I can readily access my sea of bliss. I of course didn’t come up with these ideas, but I am grateful for their existence. Christianity dominates my local world, and while I have absolutely no problem with it, by putting the idea of God outside of us, people have become very lackadasical in their push towards their truth. Purity is truth, truth is heaven.

Love is God.


as i learn more about the Tao, I am more and more dedicated to centering myself. but some days it is very difficult. where do i find consistent motivation? being tired is the #1 enemy. but how do i get passed being tired? no mind, no ego is much more of a challenge when i am tired. i recognize this, but that doesn’t seem to help me overcome it always. wwjd?

fah tieg

slept horribly last night. not sure why. multiple dreams about the old warehouse my band practices in, including a rather frightening nightmare.the warehouse was taken over by a corporation, who decided they would torture all of the tenants. once you got in, you couldn’t get out. they closed off all the stairs and made you take the elevator. of course, then the elevator trapped you, where they would torture and kill. i guess they didn’t really like musicians? not sure why, but glad it was only a dream.

from here on out

well i’ve decided to try and make use of this blog more. i’m not sure where it will go or what it will entail, but step 1 is posting daily. i find myself wanting to write a story of some sort, maybe i can start a chapter a day here. all in all i want this blog to take over the world, but i can’t really say i know how that will happen. maybe my jokes will be so funny, or my stories so intriguing it will explode all by itself. of course probably not. anyway wish me luck and i hope my innermost thoughts don’t scare you off.

a friends a friend who knows what being a friend is

if you wanna hang out either way, my fly’s always down