Begin being.

when in doubt

When in doubt: LOVE

can i get by, please?

The only thing standing between me and greatness is me.

being the underdog

Being the underdog is easy. There’s no pressure. But when you are expected to succeed, the mind and ego can begin to play tricks on you. How do you stay focused and relaxed?

Being 100% me.

I need to be fully me. No time for ego and it’s veil of security and human affairs. It makes me happy to hang out and create with friends. Or by myself. If I want to do it, then I need to do it, at all times. “At all times” is almost misleading, because this is me. Time is irrelevant. Right here. Right now.


If you could only crack the ego.

The more I read on subjects of self-help and the like, I notice the themes are very much just Zen Buddhism channeled into a Western mindset. Not that they all work, but some really do. But it makes me think of going to the original source of everything. When I work, when I create, with each breath in and each breath out I should acknowledge this source. It’s the journey that counts. It’s the journey that matters. The next big wave will be cracking the ego. How do you spell that in English?

pleasure in this moment

Right here and right now,
I forgot the pleasure of
iving this moment.


I shot out of bed today, with no substances in my body that try to keep me there. The truth is it is beautiful, but I cannot imagine it will last.

struggle with focus

to be here right now
i struggle with focusing
later on my mind.

temptation and ego

it dulls the pain,
but the stress comes back again.

the more i stroke my ego,
the harder it is to leave go.