You can’t plan every day, but you can accomplish everyday. Don’t think, just follow.

keep going

You have a purpose, be diligent.

today is not over yet

How will you finish?

do not stop

Are you getting closer?


What am I avoiding? Failure?

Failure is avoidance.

when the dream is not enough

when the dream is not
enough, everything else
is completely dark

who am i?

Have I changed so much since Spring? No desire to improve. Wasting my precious moments. Change? Stop?


Reflecting my negativity outward
is a fault to which i confess.

So is it all together absurd
to want out of this mess?

something is everything; everything is something

You cannot do everything.
You can do something.
You must do something;
You will do everything.

I give up. Now what?

I find myself wanting to give up on my dreams and priorities constantly. What keeps me going forward?

Every time I decide I’m through, I say to myself, “Ok, I quit. Now what will I do?”

Then I start right back what I was doing. This is my life. Usually for better, sometimes for worse, I must follow Love. It will never be easy; challenges are how you get better and grow. Never stop challenging yourself.