Being 100% me.

I need to be fully me. No time for ego and it’s veil of security and human affairs. It makes me happy to hang out and create with friends. Or by myself. If I want to do it, then I need to do it, at all times. “At all times” is almost misleading, because this is me. Time is irrelevant. Right here. Right now.


Stick to your priorities and change will not phase you.

I have nothing to fear, but change is happening in my work life. I have had the pleasure of working from home for 2 years now, and getting back into the ‘real’ world, even on a part-time basis is frustrating and scary. But I have some opportunities to do fun things, or at least things with fun people. And I need to remember that at least it’s only part-time right now. Keep putting whatever you can into the career. The more fluid you are, the more efficient you are, emotionally, spiritually and professionally.

Everything is constantly evolving, but sometimes I cling to memories so tightly I am afraid to experience fully the wonder, happiness, sorrow and everything else that is a complete life. Purity and relaxation help stay in the now.

Always I need to focus on my Bliss List. I can weather any storm by sticking to what is truly me. Stress is best handled with sleep, exercise and healthy eating. Not drinking and smoking.


Another mistake made. When will I learn?

Can you go on?

I asked for a sign and I got it. It wasn’t a good thing either, but sign isn’t synonomous with good. Now don’t look past the sign. It said you have no choice but to go on, for your family’s sake. Month 2 of Priorities – can I go on? Breathe.

24 Hours

24 hours,
but each day is different.
Time moves endlessly.

the light of doom

the light of doom shines
reflection in my brown eyes
my soul it confines.

and life goes on

we said goodbye to a friend on saturday. it wasn’t easy, but now life must go on for us. that’s the way it was meant to be at least. how can i get back on track?