1nce per week.

I’m going to attempt to post once per week. First a daily haiku got to be burdensome, then just a daily post did. I’m busy, and I’m writing a bit, but I don’t want this blog to die. When I have something on my mind I will come here. Until then – don’t worry, be happy.



Instead of feeling pressure to do things, why not just do what comes naturally? If it’s work, so be it. Music, writing, sitting, watching – it’s ok. There is no pressure outside of what you put on yourself. Breaks are ok. You are just one person, not supporting the whole universe. You can do it, and you will do it.


Let’s get this done. Your family needs your effort.

this new day

this new day is bright;
but opportunity won’t
find itself for me.


complete busyness
but not doing what i want;
some time is not yours.

more motivation?

well my blog experiment seems to be evolving into a personal motivation site. i am ok with that of course, as i can use all the motivation i can get to accomplish my goals and leave my mark on this world. daily goals, weekly goals and yearly goals… short term and long. this, for today, seems to be my best answer to the question of how do i put my all into every day. i want to be creative, but i also have committments i need to honor. boiling things to their essence while staying active. this is my struggle. what is yours?

fried hay

let’s do this! i’ve gotten myself wrapped up in big projects. i can either back down or do one thing at a time. what will i choose… stay tuned!