1 down, 51 to go.

a week has gone by and i have been totally involved the whole time. it is a liberating feeling. i need to focus on being present, but i can’t let my guard down. change is life. the mistake i’ve always made in the past is the assumption that i’ve ‘turned a corner’ and can coast through with success. success is made by being right here, right now, and doing the right thing. yoga has helped with my meditation, but at the end of the day it is on me to calm down, breath and do one more positive thing before i break. there is a lot to do this year if i want to support my family and be happy and free to do it on my terms. that is the american dream. and the only way for that dream to come true is consistent, small steps; hard work. when i am centered, i am flowing with the universe and it is flowing out of me. no work, no mind. being.


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