reality does not wait

Are you pushing forward? Why not?

Expect great things and they will come.

Reality does not wait.

A little better every time – that’s why you practice.

Visualize positive situations.

What a great experience this will be.


Your dreams come true when you make them come true.

wanna be

Wanna be?
Gonna be.

have it all

The higher you rise,
the farther you fall.
You really will have it all.

Some are young
when they get the call.
You already do have it all.

when you are angry

When you are angry: LOVE

when in need

When in need: LOVE

Never Right

Never right,
Always wrong,
Probably even hate this song.

Say goodnight?
Say so long?
In the distance, a clanging gong.

I want it to work,
But maybe the problem
Is deeper than I can see?

It can’t be you.
It must be me.

Should I fight?
Say so long?
Will you ever like this song?


lowest point

Your lowest point is
inside your head.

The only part gone
when you are dead.

do not worry

Do not worry about being good.

Worry about being better.


Your dreams are my dreams.
Your pain is my pain.
No matter how hopeless is seems,
You will smile again.