How do we get through something this sudden and awful?



death is a gift

Death is a gift,

reserved for the naughty and the nice.

What’s the rush?

What’s the rush?
You’ll be dead soon.


I don’t believe in last goodbye’s. I’ve come to terms with the loss inside. And today, as I smile and laugh – it’s not that I am not sad. I’ve just accepted ALL that life has to offer.

RIP Anna Mary

You loved me. You didn’t have to. But you did. From when I was born, to me helping you just last week. Mom was gone, and you stepped in. Not because you had to, because you wanted to. Because you were Love. We spent so much time together, and even when I was busy, we got to talk and be together and I will cherish that time forever. Now relax, and tell Pop I said hello.

I love you Nan.

Here Lies Richard Awesome

“Work In Progress”

everyone has pain

No one can feel your pain but you.

But that doesn’t mean others don’t feel their own.