after the humans are gone

The most beautiful thing

is that life will go on

after the humans are gone.

“You Become A Picture” Out Now!

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I had a dream about you last night.
I held you close, and I began sobbing; tears of the greatest happiness I’ll ever know.
Can’t wait to meet you; to teach you; to Love you.
The world is now yours.


Is it fate?
I don’t know.
Ask me again tomorrow.


I awake in a perpetual haze.
A heartless blaze,
A cacophony of days…

lowest point

Your lowest point is
inside your head.

The only part gone
when you are dead.

do not worry

Do not worry about being good.

Worry about being better.

When will I learn?

Mistakenly I

Took my life into my hands.

Shaken, not dropped.


Focus on the sun and it goes away.
Focus on the light and it gets dark.
Focus on Love and it gets bright,
That thing we call “Life”.

Language of the Gods

Words dissolve away
And end the plague
That has kept us from our gods.

Music will play
And lies give way
To Truth as the Cause.