new beginning

Change offers a new beginning.

In search of a new direction.

I am trying to find a project to work on via my blog. Doing a daily haiku was very fun but it had run it’s course. Maybe more poetry? I would love to write a story, but I haven’t had an idea I think is worth exploring. I also could write something non-fiction (which is pretty much what this blog is, my life and struggles).

Whatever I choose it must come from Love. As long as I stay pure and focused on true expression, I will be satisfied. Just don’t let me ego read that.


no more haiku’s… for now

I’ve decided to take a break on the daily haiku’s. While they are fun, it was starting to be a burden and I was just forcing the issue. Like it or not, I’m going to continue to write, but will be taking time to explore some other areas for awhile. Maybe some new poetry, maybe some new short stories. The blog world is my oyster!


creation is an outward expression of an inward journey. don’t pressure yourself to create, and DO NOT look to others for validation of your art. art is truth. if you’re silly, be silly, if you’re serious be serious. express you. the world needs that.

where do i go from here?

i’ve written haiku’s and a few short stories, but now I’m curious where my next creative turn will go. the emptiness i feel is a good thing; a god thing. i feel at one with the universe. if i don’t write again will i be happy? will something come along to inspire me? the waiting is the hardest part.

will power

is will power alone enough? i don’t think so, but i’ve gotten myself back into a situation where I need it to be. can i do it? stay tuned…


Last week I decided to use my blog for a short story. This has become an experiment for me. I’m not sure which direction I want to take it, but it is helping me get back to writing, something I had gotten away from. For the time being I will keep to general thoughts, haikus and stories. Eventually it may evolve into something else, but I’m glad I’ve got this going consistently.

Sometimes when I find my mind wandering wishing I was a professional writer or musician, I remember that since I am not, I am completely free to express myself without worrying about what others think. This is the greatest gift. As long as I continually experiment and push myself to grow, I will be fulfilled and happy.