What a difference a day makes…

Well wouldn’t you know it, some positivity has shown its self. A few calls for work, that’s a great start. A good night’s sleep; so hard to come by but so great. Now can I make it two nights in a row?

no more haiku’s… for now

I’ve decided to take a break on the daily haiku’s. While they are fun, it was starting to be a burden and I was just forcing the issue. Like it or not, I’m going to continue to write, but will be taking time to explore some other areas for awhile. Maybe some new poetry, maybe some new short stories. The blog world is my oyster!


insulate from stress

there are healthy ways and not so healthy ways to insulate yourself from outside pressures, fear and stress. exercise, drugs, alcohol. permanent damage can be done for short term gains, be careful. i cannot promise everything will be ok soon. but it will in the end. what are you priorities?

the world will end with love.

what’s gone through my head today?

Cat’s think they run the place? They do. If someone cleaned my toilet everytime I used it or took care of all of my meals, I’d think I ran the place too. I would, wouldn’t I?

If things feel stagnant, explore. Don’t just get high and do nothing.

Everyone is art. Some are just more prints than others.

You will stop sometime, whether you like it or not.

Being a meathead was cooler than being a Jethro Tull fan in high school, right?

furry ball of energy

my wild Junebug,
furry ball of energy.
you radiate light.


i had a wonderful day yesterday. i put my trials and tribulations aside and just took care of the things i could control. such a beautiful thing. now how do i follow it up? today is the last work day of 2011.. my best year yet. why not finish it strong? sow some seeds to start 2012 with a bang. the to-do list is short, and manageable. 1 thing at a time. find my space and the universe will flow through.



just another week,
meaningless in the grand scheme,
means everything.


the sun is shining,
i feel rejuvenated.
moving life forward.