begin again

here i sit again.
trying to move myself forward.
one step at a time.

will power

is will power alone enough? i don’t think so, but i’ve gotten myself back into a situation where I need it to be. can i do it? stay tuned…


the sun is shining,
i feel rejuvenated.
moving life forward.


burning desire,
beckoning me at all times.
shut up already.

keeping my appointment?

I made an appointment for today I don’t want to keep. It is not important, and will only result in being asked to buy something I don’t want and can’t afford. However, I feel like I should stick to it. It will interrupt my flow today. Is there something I can gain from this experience? What can I learn? I want to stay as curious as a child. I will keep learning until I cannot.

foggy fall weather

foggy fall weather…
but i still hear the birds sing.
nothing clouds their song.

mind vs body

my body is spent,
and my mind struggles to think.
letting my soul pour.


i’ve gotten myself back into yoga. the idea is to keep your mind quiet and focus on your breathing while putting yourself through a strenuous work out. it really models what i have positioning myself for over the past months. as i clear out, i hope my focus improves and my consciousness dissolves away.

i love you

i am not perfect.
but in your eyes i reflect;
burning flame of love.

clear head

Well I didn’t slaughter myself this weekend. I feel pretty good. A bit tired but clear. Pure vision is my goal. Am I getting closer? The middle path is easiest, I need to remember that. Manic desires will pass with patience.