I awake in a perpetual haze.
A heartless blaze,
A cacophony of days…

not eternal

What is lust?

The devils Love.

It is not right, it is not wrong.

It is not eternal.

The Way You Smiled Just There

How can fate not be true?
When I wound up sitting next to you.
Or rather you sat by me.

To see your hair;
The way you smiled just there.
What a trip, after all.
I may pray
For more delays.


I shot out of bed today, with no substances in my body that try to keep me there. The truth is it is beautiful, but I cannot imagine it will last.

can you get it done?

i am tempted to smoke. can i wait? why? why not.

tempting me

all i want is work,
clear, pure, true, honest hard work.
your time is after.