when the dream is not enough

when the dream is not
enough, everything else
is completely dark

lowest point

Your lowest point is
inside your head.

The only part gone
when you are dead.

2013 Bliss List

It is time to put together our 2013 Bliss List readers. I will post mine when it’s finished. Remember, there is only 1 rule: items must be 1 word only.

Mine will start and end here:


I’d encourage the same for you. Bliss flows from Love.


when i write i bring the truth of my situation out. it is a great therapy for me. however, i still need help and support outside of myself. i am blessed to have a supportive wife and family, plus many, many friends on my side. as i write i already feel bad about questioning my situation, but sometimes failure is unavoidable. my work is not doing what it is supposed to right now. whether it’s out of my control or not, something needs to break.

all i can do is work hard and smart. that is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s time to put my money where my mouth is; put out love and expect nothing in return.


what you do is easy

i met with a friend the other day. he basically tried to tell me what i do anyone can. i don’t disagree. but the fact is i am doing it, everyday. getting out there and making things happen, making and believing that i can and will be happy. it partially motivated me and it partially frustrated me, but really, it should not matter. what i do is my business. i only have to answer to the god in myself. if i seek happiness, i shall find it. it may not look like what i think it does, but without expectations we can see the beauty in everything. truth is light. be true to yourself and the rest will fall into place. you may struggle, but everyone does. don’t give up.


the holiday’s have come and gone. i am proud that i did well to focus on my time with family and friends, and not worry excessively about my career and financial future. today i am back to reality. but i can’t rush anything; consistent effort, one step at a time. can i stay focused and clear? that is my challenge. peeling away layers and living simple. you can have your fun when you earn it.

work, plus a project a week. the rest is icing on the cake. don’t let your mind try to rush your life. if you don’t enjoy the journey, you’ll never reach the peak; you’ll give up well before you even see the summit. music and art are a lifelong pursuit. here is now.

here i am

living in this moment. feeling each key as i type. no matter what, all that exists in now. find it and you will be forever open to your life.

it’s easy to get overwhelmed. more more more. when we take things away, we see the real beauty of our lives and of our world. going against the natural flow of things is the hardest thing for people to overcome. but once you let go you see the divine in yourself, in everything.

let go

ability comes,
when expectations are gone
and you honor god.