1 down, 51 to go.

a week has gone by and i have been totally involved the whole time. it is a liberating feeling. i need to focus on being present, but i can’t let my guard down. change is life. the mistake i’ve always made in the past is the assumption that i’ve ‘turned a corner’ and can coast through with success. success is made by being right here, right now, and doing the right thing. yoga has helped with my meditation, but at the end of the day it is on me to calm down, breath and do one more positive thing before i break. there is a lot to do this year if i want to support my family and be happy and free to do it on my terms. that is the american dream. and the only way for that dream to come true is consistent, small steps; hard work. when i am centered, i am flowing with the universe and it is flowing out of me. no work, no mind. being.


focus on as little as possible. i want to accomplish things, but i’m done stressing myself to death because i didn’t do something that should be fun and should pour out of me. as long as i am present, what can i complain about? the first step in effortless mastery is to enter your ‘space’. doing that in life is what i am working on. no more goals hanging over my head. love everyday, work everyday. be here and think what am i doing to make the next moment even better?

time is irrelevant.

can you here me now?

i’m still right here. are you?

here am i

right here, right now. i am typing this, feeling each key press down. centering myself in the moment. there is no past, there is no future, there is only now. it’s a beautiful feeling. no mind or ego can hold me back from happiness, or from love. happiness is purity. it’s not objects or praise. i fall victim often to a self-loathing that makes me crave compliments or outside encouragement. while that is natural, it is not real. peeling back layers of yourself get’s you closer to God, the One, whatever that is to you. in the end you dissolve into this oneness, might as well get used to it now. the kingdom of heaven is within. wrap yourself in the present moment and feel the divine in everything you do.

here i am

living in this moment. feeling each key as i type. no matter what, all that exists in now. find it and you will be forever open to your life.

it’s easy to get overwhelmed. more more more. when we take things away, we see the real beauty of our lives and of our world. going against the natural flow of things is the hardest thing for people to overcome. but once you let go you see the divine in yourself, in everything.

living in the now

things are going really good. however i find myself thinking that i’ve turned a corner. there are no corners in life to turn. you focus on the exact present moment and do something now to make the next one better. when times are good i start to look ahead then get buried under thoughts of what’s next. when times are good i’m thinking presently. no mind, no worries.

do not feed the egos.


i’ve gotten myself back into yoga. the idea is to keep your mind quiet and focus on your breathing while putting yourself through a strenuous work out. it really models what i have positioning myself for over the past months. as i clear out, i hope my focus improves and my consciousness dissolves away.

clear head

Well I didn’t slaughter myself this weekend. I feel pretty good. A bit tired but clear. Pure vision is my goal. Am I getting closer? The middle path is easiest, I need to remember that. Manic desires will pass with patience.


the pieces of god,
splintered into space and time.
their source is inside.


tomorrow is near.
what can i do in this time
to open my soul?