Music is Sport, Sport is Music

Some say cut music but keep sport.
The day is long,
But the life is short.

Why not promote happiness?
Better yet,
Encourage it.

The same skills are learned,
Teamwork and dedication;
When to take your turn.

There is just less competition.
But must we teach children
That only the strong survive?
I know the happy thrive.

So realize this;
Whether Home Runs,
Bach or Liszt,
Life does not end when the final bell hits.

Climbing inward.

The stronger your will,
the higher grows your own hill.
Love even the climbing.

What is it about music?

Music has only been such spiritual thing for me. The pure connection I feel pulls me out of the dumps and it’s what I’m flying on when I’ve never been better.

No matter what is going on it gives me strength. I’ve heard it called the language of the gods and I believe that. If love is what we seek, music is the purest way to express it.

I’m clinging to it right now hoping to get through this pressure.

what’s gone through my head today?

Cat’s think they run the place? They do. If someone cleaned my toilet everytime I used it or took care of all of my meals, I’d think I ran the place too. I would, wouldn’t I?

If things feel stagnant, explore. Don’t just get high and do nothing.

Everyone is art. Some are just more prints than others.

You will stop sometime, whether you like it or not.

Being a meathead was cooler than being a Jethro Tull fan in high school, right?

here, there, everywhere

here i am. there you are. everywhere together.

living in the now

things are going really good. however i find myself thinking that i’ve turned a corner. there are no corners in life to turn. you focus on the exact present moment and do something now to make the next one better. when times are good i start to look ahead then get buried under thoughts of what’s next. when times are good i’m thinking presently. no mind, no worries.

do not feed the egos.


life is more than just a list of things to do.

keeping my appointment?

I made an appointment for today I don’t want to keep. It is not important, and will only result in being asked to buy something I don’t want and can’t afford. However, I feel like I should stick to it. It will interrupt my flow today. Is there something I can gain from this experience? What can I learn? I want to stay as curious as a child. I will keep learning until I cannot.

why, hello friday.

we meet again. i guess you expect me to work? but i’m tired.


TGIF. i’m physically and mentally tired. October is a busy month, and half way through i’m starting to feel it. hopefully some R&R this weekend will help me get over this cold and lack of energy.