what happens when you smile at someone?

Have you ever noticed what happens when you smile at someone? They smile back. Regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation. It’s natural for people to smile, because we are all the same.


Racism is an extreme form of cowardice. It is the fear of exploring yourself; identifying your weaknesses, your insecurities, and working diligently to be better. This fear leads to blaming things outside for your problems and self-doubts, because that is so much easier than admitting you are not what you think (or want others to think) you are.


not me

“It won’t happen to me” is a prevailing logic these days. However, it’s already happening to you – you just don’t realize it yet.


What can you control? Your emotions.

keep going

You have a purpose, be diligent.


Perspective is all about where you’re standing.


It feels good to fake control.

do not stop

Are you getting closer?


Problems aren’t real.

Beginning again for the first time.

Life goes in cycles. In my attempt to stay in the middle I seem to have fallen back into not writing. This time I will be more consistent.

I am going to attempt to work on a single topic with the dream of releasing a book when I have my thoughts and words in order. I hope you enjoy.