My Bliss

As I mentioned recently, here is my 2013 Bliss List.

Leah (my wife)
June Bug (our cat)
MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC (my business)
The Slackwater News (my band)

What is yours?


2013 Priorities

This year I decided to focus my energy on Priorities instead of Goals. I called it my Bliss List.

For 2013 I think I’m going to make it even more simple:


Stick to your priorities and change will not phase you.

I have nothing to fear, but change is happening in my work life. I have had the pleasure of working from home for 2 years now, and getting back into the ‘real’ world, even on a part-time basis is frustrating and scary. But I have some opportunities to do fun things, or at least things with fun people. And I need to remember that at least it’s only part-time right now. Keep putting whatever you can into the career. The more fluid you are, the more efficient you are, emotionally, spiritually and professionally.

Everything is constantly evolving, but sometimes I cling to memories so tightly I am afraid to experience fully the wonder, happiness, sorrow and everything else that is a complete life. Purity and relaxation help stay in the now.

Always I need to focus on my Bliss List. I can weather any storm by sticking to what is truly me. Stress is best handled with sleep, exercise and healthy eating. Not drinking and smoking.

Can you go on?

I asked for a sign and I got it. It wasn’t a good thing either, but sign isn’t synonomous with good. Now don’t look past the sign. It said you have no choice but to go on, for your family’s sake. Month 2 of Priorities – can I go on? Breathe.

insulate from stress

there are healthy ways and not so healthy ways to insulate yourself from outside pressures, fear and stress. exercise, drugs, alcohol. permanent damage can be done for short term gains, be careful. i cannot promise everything will be ok soon. but it will in the end. what are you priorities?

the world will end with love.

bliss list

i’ve made my 2012 bliss list – priorities for the year, and not just goals. they include: my wife, my family & friends, happiness, health, no debt, success at work, music, writing. so far i feel very relieved to not be staring down a to-do list, but instead can remind myself what truly makes me happy. of course i’ll keep goals in my back pocket in case this doesn’t work out, but i’m really hoping it will. goals are amazing to get started, but after a few years, things change and you need to let things take their natural course. hard work and perseverance are extremely important, but it’s time for me to let the universe lead me, and not attempting it the other way around. truth at all costs, and reap the rewards of a life truly lived. today is just that.

2012 goals

since 2007, i have written yearly goals for myself. they have helped me focus on what is truly important, and each year has been better than the last. now as i head into 2012 with an uncertain working future, i am in need of priorities more than ever. but i’ve been reading more and more of those who in the past set goals and have since moved on from it. they say it is like a burden gone from them, it allows what they truly want to do to flow from them and they put themselves into what they love without the pressure of achieving. i have considered a priorities list vs actual goals, to remind myself what is really important to me without a specific destination set in writing. my goals have been evolving this way anyway, but it is still a scary step. any thoughts on this? i feel like at least giving it a try; i can always set down goals. that is probably what i will do, but the lack of a clear end result triggers my ‘trip anxiety’. i want to live in this moment. now this one, now this one…