something is everything; everything is something

You cannot do everything.
You can do something.
You must do something;
You will do everything.

I give up. Now what?

I find myself wanting to give up on my dreams and priorities constantly. What keeps me going forward?

Every time I decide I’m through, I say to myself, “Ok, I quit. Now what will I do?”

Then I start right back what I was doing. This is my life. Usually for better, sometimes for worse, I must follow Love. It will never be easy; challenges are how you get better and grow. Never stop challenging yourself.


I can’t go back.

I’ve spent 2 years working from home for a small, family company. I spent the 4 years before that in a large company, low pay and no real advancement opportunity. Now I need to generate a steady income. I can’t go back to the “real” world and “work for a living”. Other people have supported themselves, why can’t I? Fear. Weed. Trust what is inside of you. Try to really make it on your own. You CAN do it. Why not think that? Learn learn learn. “You rise to the height of your deepest admirations”. Control this moment and let go. Even relaxing allows you to move closer to the 1. Everything in moderation. You are filling your time with what you love, NEVER FORGET THAT.


Let’s get this done. Your family needs your effort.

Can you go on?

I asked for a sign and I got it. It wasn’t a good thing either, but sign isn’t synonomous with good. Now don’t look past the sign. It said you have no choice but to go on, for your family’s sake. Month 2 of Priorities – can I go on? Breathe.

insulate from stress

there are healthy ways and not so healthy ways to insulate yourself from outside pressures, fear and stress. exercise, drugs, alcohol. permanent damage can be done for short term gains, be careful. i cannot promise everything will be ok soon. but it will in the end. what are you priorities?

the world will end with love.

being in control

business workshop – a million great ideas, now where do i start? do not get overwhelmed when opportunities present themselves. that is what hard work is meant to yield. you want to be in the driver’s seat of your life, not just being along for the ride. keep putting out love.

continue your journey

when you lose faith
when you lose patience
when you lose all hope
there is your salvation

when you see the light
when you continue to fight
when you feel nothing can stop you
don’t forget the hard times

pride fell greater men and women

why can’t everything be easy?

i wonderful song really got me thinking today. nothing is easy. why not? we work and work and work and struggle to get by. i don’t expect wealth or fame being easy, but not even living comfortably? paycheck to paycheck blows. i think an appropriate question is: why can’t anything be easy?

complete harmony

i have soared with God.
and while you tell me ‘no way’
i work to get back.