put yourself into it

as i learn to open
myself to the universe
my worries dissolve.



the holiday’s have come and gone. i am proud that i did well to focus on my time with family and friends, and not worry excessively about my career and financial future. today i am back to reality. but i can’t rush anything; consistent effort, one step at a time. can i stay focused and clear? that is my challenge. peeling away layers and living simple. you can have your fun when you earn it.

work, plus a project a week. the rest is icing on the cake. don’t let your mind try to rush your life. if you don’t enjoy the journey, you’ll never reach the peak; you’ll give up well before you even see the summit. music and art are a lifelong pursuit. here is now.

can i make it happen?

the grief and worry
consumes my brain and being.
a few breaths, all clear.

put your money where your mouth is

well it looks like i need to look for another job. i had a great situation but it is not working to support me fully. i spend a lot of my good times thinking of how great things are and how if you want something you go get it. so easy when you have no challenges to face. now i am facing a tough decision and an even tougher road. do i get back into the corporate world i despised? i have a growing family i need to consider. do i pursue a dream that may never materialize? struggle is a part of life. but how long must i struggle? how can i follow happiness and also make a reasonable living? i do not expect mansions, yachts and private jets. but i don’t want to have to live paycheck to paycheck, and i don’t want to be stuck on someone else’s dime. love isn’t coming as easy today.


here i am again.
the darkening horizon
approaching quickly.

can you get it done?

i am tempted to smoke. can i wait? why? why not.

tempting me

all i want is work,
clear, pure, true, honest hard work.
your time is after.