this new day

this new day is bright;
but opportunity won’t
find itself for me.


never far

whether i am here,
or even worse i am there;
we are never far apart
because i am always in your heart.

continue your journey

when you lose faith
when you lose patience
when you lose all hope
there is your salvation

when you see the light
when you continue to fight
when you feel nothing can stop you
don’t forget the hard times

pride fell greater men and women

the light of doom

the light of doom shines
reflection in my brown eyes
my soul it confines.

heaven inside

I truly believe Heaven and Hell are inside us. It is not a destination outward, but inward. And when I dream, I am able to spend time with loved ones and friends that I have lost. My Grandfather was there last night, and I got to speak with him again; to tell him I love him and he will always be with me.

Look inside yourself. It is not easy to lose someone, and it will never get easier. But they are not forgotten, and they don’t forget you. We will never fully understand our minds in our lifetimes, but what I say is true. Look inside yourself for the path to your heaven. And get some sleep.

dead but not gone

when i close my eyes
and drift into my own mind
the dead greet me there.

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