bliss list

i’ve made my 2012 bliss list – priorities for the year, and not just goals. they include: my wife, my family & friends, happiness, health, no debt, success at work, music, writing. so far i feel very relieved to not be staring down a to-do list, but instead can remind myself what truly makes me happy. of course i’ll keep goals in my back pocket in case this doesn’t work out, but i’m really hoping it will. goals are amazing to get started, but after a few years, things change and you need to let things take their natural course. hard work and perseverance are extremely important, but it’s time for me to let the universe lead me, and not attempting it the other way around. truth at all costs, and reap the rewards of a life truly lived. today is just that.


i had a wonderful day yesterday. i put my trials and tribulations aside and just took care of the things i could control. such a beautiful thing. now how do i follow it up? today is the last work day of 2011.. my best year yet. why not finish it strong? sow some seeds to start 2012 with a bang. the to-do list is short, and manageable. 1 thing at a time. find my space and the universe will flow through.



love and happiness,
family, laughing and bliss;
everyday’s kiss.


opening myself
to the universal song.
harmony within.

here i am

living in this moment. feeling each key as i type. no matter what, all that exists in now. find it and you will be forever open to your life.

it’s easy to get overwhelmed. more more more. when we take things away, we see the real beauty of our lives and of our world. going against the natural flow of things is the hardest thing for people to overcome. but once you let go you see the divine in yourself, in everything.

tight rope of life

the fog in my brain is clearing finally. manic depression, bipolar? i have a family history but haven’t been diagnosed. either way, as i try to right my ship and sail the middle of life, i am pulled to the extremes. walking the tight rope of life isn’t easy. but it’s the quickest way to happiness. my happiness. everyone is put here to find theirs. problem is it’s a long, hard journey and not everyone perseveres. it is my duty to persevere. i need to get past these human ideas. transcending these worldly expectations. there are guide points along the way, i just need to see them. my mission reveals itself little by little. follow your happiness, it is the map to your rapture.

anxiously awaiting

my path is not clear…
or is it? i cannot tell.
anxiously awaiting.

hey there honky cat

weekend was a blur, but in a few days we get our cat. as long as I can continue on the middle path, I feel that I can end this year with a bang.


does everyone struggle with greatness? the hero’s journey isn’t easy. it can’t be; nothing worth having is easy. but when i am down in the dumps, it seems to stem from me not having enough… enough recognition, praise. now i know these things don’t matter, but i still go through spurts where they do. is that just being human? i don’t consider myself an artist, but i like to create. i like to play music, write and read. the question is how do i do enough without burning myself out, but also without not giving it my all. some days i create nothing and it’s perfect, and some days i create all day and it’s not enough. now that is not the norm, but it happens. i guess that is irrational. at least it seems to be written down. fame and fortune mean nothing, but changing lives with art is where i struggle. how do i get there? luck and persistence i guess. oh yea, and patience.


life is more than just a list of things to do.