economic fear

economic fear;
the rich cling to their dollars,
the poor to their God.

this new day

this new day is bright;
but opportunity won’t
find itself for me.

the light of doom

the light of doom shines
reflection in my brown eyes
my soul it confines.

dead but not gone

when i close my eyes
and drift into my own mind
the dead greet me there.


recession or not
we are in need of work now.
please please think of us.

how do i know?

will i ever know
that i am walking along
the path meant for me?

struggle with focus

to be here right now
i struggle with focusing
later on my mind.

open casket

when the soul leaves you,
body is nothing more than
a human cocoon.

an open casket to me
is a disgrace to your memory.
you lived & lived & lived;
that’s what I want to remember.

furry ball of energy

my wild Junebug,
furry ball of energy.
you radiate light.

complete harmony

i have soared with God.
and while you tell me ‘no way’
i work to get back.